I Am Sun Mu

Directed by: Adam Sjoberg
86 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 1
Sat 3rd Oct 19:20
Premiere Screening

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‘I am Sun Mu’ is a documentary film about the life and work of a North Korean defector. Sun Mu means ‘no lines’ or ‘no boundaries’ and is the pseudonym under which this political pop artist works. With the Chinese government chasing his trail and the threat of execution looming over his head, the talented artist is forced to conceal his face and name out of fear for those he left behind. If his identity were to be discovered, his entire family would be murdered by Kim Jong-un’s repressive regime. In North Korea, Sun Mu was a talented propaganda artist. After swimming to safety and finding sanctuary in South Korea, Sun Mu utilised his skills in order to satirise those who he once worshiped. His artwork is brightly coloured, beautiful and bold, but the price for painting them could be fatal. During an exhibition in China’s capital Beijing, Sun Mu and his friends and family find themselves in real danger. Chinese and North Korean authorities surround the exhibition banning anybody from entering the space. Artists are interrogated and Sun Mu is forced to once again flea for safety in South Korea.
Original Title
I Am Sun Mu
86 min
Adam Sjoberg
Adam Sjoberg
Adam Sjoberg
Adam Sjoberg
Screening Status
UK Premiere
Sun Mu
Cui Xianji
Liang Kegang