I Go Back Home - Jimmy Scott

Directed by: Yoon-ha Chang
USA | Germany | 96 minutes
Vue West End (Leicester Square)
Fri 22nd Sep 18:00

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Vue West End (Leicester Square)
Wed 27th Sep 16:00

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I Go Back Home: Jimmy Scott is the moving story of Ralf Kemper, a German composer and producer who, following the death of his wife, has grown disillusioned with his own work. He decides to begin a project to bring recognition to his hero, an icon of the golden age of jazz, 85-year-old singer Jimmy Scott, who has been repeatedly neglected by the music industry and now lives out his old age in obscurity. The film sensitively follows the burgeoning friendship between the two men as Kemper pushes on against practical and financial obstacles to produce a record which will reinstate Jimmy to his rightful position in the history of jazz. As the machinery of the industry rumbles around him, the old man basks in the warmth of the attention he receives and in the many magical performances of the jazz standards included in the film, we see him light up as the years fall away and, however falteringly, his voice soars once again.
Derek Ravenscroft
Jimmy Scott
Ralf Kemper
David Ritz
Joe Pesci
Quincy Jones
James Moody
David Sanborn
Renee Olstead
Yoon-ha Chang
Yoon-ha Chang
Florian Siebert
Ralf Kemper
Executive Producer(s)
Ralf Kemper
Screening Status
UK Premiere