I Origins

Directed by: Mike Cahill
USA | 106 minutes

Screening tickets sold out. Party only: last few tickets still available. More info.

Director Mike Cahill discusses his film with with Robbie Collins, the film editor of The Telegraph, in a Q&A following the film

This year, Raindance Film Festival opens with a special red carpet gala screening of the critically acclaimed ‘I Origins’. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Mike Cahill.

Dr. Ian Gray (Michael Pitt) is an affable young scientist who works alongside his geeky but glamorous assistant Karen (Brit Marling), studying the human eye. Gray and his assistant set out on a daunting task: to build an eye from scratch and implant it into a sightless organism. In his few hours away from the lab, Gray attends a college party where he meets a mysterious young woman with the most amazing eyes he’s ever seen. The pair form a lustful connection and, when she abruptly vanishes, he becomes obsessed with finding the secretive, provocative girl.

After the film, join us at the Cafe de Paris, Leicester Square, to celebrate the opening of our festival in true Raindance style. Our Opening Night entertainment will be served up by music royalty in the form of filmmaker, actor and musician Roland Gift – lead singer of Fine Young Cannibals – in an exclusive London performance with his brand new band! Roland’s set will be followed by DJ sets from Douglas Hart, of Jesus and the Mary Chain, and Andy Bell, of Beady Eye. There will be drinks and lots of reveling ’til the early hours of the morning. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the hottest indie film night in town.

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Mike Cahill
Mike Cahill
Mike Cahill
Hunter Gray
Alex Orlovsky
Markus Forderer
Michael Pitt
Brit Marling
Astrid Birges-Frisbey
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