In Conversation With Lee Hardcastle

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“A bad-ass version of Wallace & Gromit? Bring it on” TOTAL FILM

“Lee Hardcastle’s purr-fectly pitched animated remake, Claycat’s The Raid!” MARK KERMODE

On the verge of production of his first feature film, enter the not-for-kids world of British writer, director & animator, Lee Hardcastle, who began filming with claymation full-time in 2010 after garnering online viral success with The Evil Dead In 60 seconds.   At this special Web Fest event Lee will discuss how he gambled on making short films on YouTube, his pathway to his YouTube success that has led to over 40 million views and working on films for 20th Century Fox, Momentum Pictures (now Entertainment One), C4 Rude Tube and AdultSwim.  As part of this talk Lee will showcase and discuss some of his favourite animations.



Writer, Director & Animator, Lee Hardcastle, began claymation full-time in 2010 after success with The Evil Dead in 60 seconds. The following year he sold all his belongings to support an unpaid career and created short films that screened at Cannes and won a place in the feature film The ABCs Of Death. He’s gone on to work with Momentum Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Sufjan Stevens, Kill The Noise, Portugal. His fan film tribute Claycat’s The Raid so impressed the filmmakers it was included on the official The Raid DVD release. Recently Lee received the MTV Clubland Video of Year award and regularly features in Rude Tube charts


Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer, Tim Atkins, has worked on sound for such projects as Steve McQueen’s Shame and Mike Newell’s Great Expectations, as well as recording dialogue for Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox. He has honed and finessed his work through a long and fruitful collaboration with Lee Hardcastle and is most proud of his work on Lee’s last epic short film Ghost Burger.

James Edward Marks 140 cropMODERATOR – JAMES E. MARKS

Indie Video Entertainment Specialist, James E. Marks, has associate produced several original YouTube creator projects such as Ashens & The Quest For The Game Child – The Movie, Lee Hardcastle’s A Good Clay To Die Hard, Clay Cat’s Hitman Absolution, Harry Partridge’s Skyrim cartoons and the award-winning British Red Cross social video for social good series featuring popular UK YouTube stars Ali-A, KickthePJ, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Crabstickz, Sprinkleofglitter and TomSka.