In The Sands of Babylon

Directed by: Mohamed Al-Daradji
Iraq | UK | 92 minutes

A docu-drama following Ibrahim, an Iraqi soldier, as he makes his way home at the end of the Gulf War. His dreams of being reunited with his family are shattered by his imprisonment at the hands of Saddam’s brutal regime.

Mohamed Al Daradji’s most recent piece ‘In the Sands of Babylon’ reveals the reality of the Gulf War, concentrating on an Iraqi’s soldier’s story.

Ibrahim escapes from Kuwait and starts his journey home where his family is waiting for him. He is captured by the Republican Guard and sent to a Saddam Hussein’s prisons, where the innocent man is tortured and executed. The film has various layers – fictional elements, present interviews of survivors of the Gulf War and authentic, sometimes harrowing, footage from those days. This fluent transition from the interviews to the fictional part of Ibrahim’s tragedy creates a wonderfully intriguing story line.

This film is shocking, but is also an important piece of heritage which honestly documents this tragic event that caused so much pain to the locals. It raises questions about the aim of our lives, when they can be taken away so easily. Such issues as the loss of humanity and worship of brutality are also discussed. But ‘In the Sands of Babylon’ has a more important message: nothing can be stronger than a human spirit, a wish to survive and keep going.

Lina Skaisgiryte

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Mohamed Al-Daradji
Mohamed Al-Daradji
Mohamed Al-Daradji
Isabelle Stead
Atia Al-Daradji
Mohamed Al-Daradji
Duraid Munajim
Samer Qahtan
Ameer Jabarah
Hasan Bkheet
Original Format
35mm film