Directed by: Hirokazu Kai
Japan | 88 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 2
Fri 23rd Sep 17:30

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Pic. 5
Wed 28th Sep 15:45

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Narumi can’t help herself when she decides to declare her love for Gin, a 15-year-old boy she’s been pining for. His friends laugh at her for having the courage to ask him out, but she isn’t afraid of her decision. This seems like a simple coming-of-age story about young love but as the film goes on, layers of the characters are peeled to reveal deeper secrets. Narumi’s home life is seemingly perfect; she’s happy pursuing her dreams of being a ballet dancer and focusing on school. All that changes when it’s revealed that her mother’s boyfriend has been abusing her sexually and otherwise, and her mother knows all about it. Similarly, Gin’s home life is turned upside down when his single dad comes out as gay, explaining that he’s been in a relationship with a long-time family friend. Narumi and Gin find comfort in each other, but the time they spend together forces the truth to come out. Telling the story of teenage youth and whether love at a young age possible, Innocent 15 has themes of self-discovery and realisation, focusing on what it’s like to be a teen trying to figure out the world.
Sara Ogawa
Riku Hagiwara
Mao Miyaji
Takeshi Yamamoto
Shoichi Honda
Hirokazu Kai
Hirokazu Kai
Jungo Motosugi
Fumiaki Kudo
Executive Producer(s)
Shinsuke Mae
Screening Status
International Premiere
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