Inside Love

Directed by: Santiago Tabernero
Spain | 100 minutes

A couple’s last-ditch attempt to fall in love again becomes a fight for survival in the mind.

Since the birth of their son, Felix and Julia have been drifting apart. In a last-ditch attempt to fall in love again, they agree to go on a holiday by the seaside. Tensions, however, are high and Julia runs out after a spat, driving into the pouring rain. When she hits something in the dark, she stops the car – and is robbed. It’s the beginning of a Kafkaesque nightmare, as the police refuse to help and she is unable to find her family, even when she does eventually make it back to the resort. The truth, however, soon transpires for Felix and the viewers: Julia has been in an accident and, deep in a coma, is caught in her mind.

Santiago Taberno’s second film for the big screen is based on a Spanish fantasy thriller and niftily merges dreams and reality. Alternate and often deeply unsettling versions of characters pop up both in and outside of Julia’s mind, suppressed emotions – frustration, lust, guilt – come to the fore. While Julia lies motionless in the hospital, her mental fight for survival and her troubled relationship is as vivid as Felix’s by her bedside.


Santiago Tabernero
Santiago Tabernero
Eduardo Noriega
Gerardo Herrero
Pablo Rosso
Gloria Munoz
Irene Escolar
Marta Etura
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