Late Shift – Your Decisions Are You

Directed by: Tobias Weber
UK | Switzerland | 90 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 2
Fri 30th Sep 20:00

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In a constantly evolving cinema landscape Late Shift stands out as one of the films defying what it means to be a ‘film’. Combining the movie form with interactive gameplay, the team at CtrlMovie have created an immersive experience in which you decide the shape of the adventure. In the app viewers have the opportunity to make 180 different decisions, crafting the main character’s actions and responses as you follow him through a night that takes a turn for the worse. Matt works as an attendant at a parking garage for high-end luxury cars, but the appearance of a mysterious girl and a threatening stranger throw his night into disarray. Late Shift manages to hand control of the plot to the viewer whilst also creating a fast-paced and thrilling story. The transitions between the decisions are so refined that you’ll feel like the director. This is an interactive game with the aesthetic quality of a movie. This mobile experience will become a cinematic event as it is transported to the big screen for the festival. With audience interaction, Late Shift leads the way for the future possibilities for cinema.
Joe Sowerbutts
Haruka Abe
Richard Durden
Joel Basman
Lily Travers
Tobias Weber
Tobias Weber
Michael R. Johnson
Alfie Biddle
Baptiste Planche
Kurban Kassam
Screening Status
UK Premiere