Little Buddho

Directed by: Danilo Beckovic
95 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 2
Tue 29th Sep 19:00
Premiere Screening

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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 3
Thu 1st Oct 16:50
2nd Screening

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Budo is young, rich, and incurably egotistical. When his father fails to save the son of a gangster during surgery, the gangster swears to take Budo’s life in revenge. Budo is packed off to Belgrade, where a double-deal leads him straight into the arms of the gangster’s heavies. One of them takes pity on Budo, and they form an unlikely alliance in an attempt to save themselves. This darkly funny gangster film had cinema audiences roaring with laughter across the Balkans. Budo is such a certifiable prat, he should be easy to kill; yet he successfully evades increasingly bizarre situations as the film progresses, with the help of his long-suffering assassin-turned-ally Mišo. The acting is great, the delivery so beautifully timed that the punchlines bridge the language barrier with ease. The camera prowls the cityscape with an expert eye for symmetry; there are some entrancing shots of what appears to be a major ring road. There is a hilarious run-in between an elderly ex-gulag warden and one of his former prisoners, which should serve as an indication of the film’s willingness to mock its archetypal characters. It blends brutal cynicism with fearless silliness, and does so with style.
Original Title
Mali Budo
95 min
Danilo Beckovic
Dimitrije Vojnov
Danilo Bećković
Marko Paljić
Bojana Andrić
Bojana Andrić
Petar Strugar
Sergej Trifunovic
Hristina Popovic
Screening Status
UK Premiere
Strands: Features Balkans