Live Ammunition!

135 minutes
Vue West End
Fri 22nd Sep 18:00

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The chance to pitch your movie idea directly to a panel of film executives! To the people who matter. To the people who buy scripts and decide what will be made and what won't. Just drop past the Hospitality Desk to put your name in the hat. If your name gets drawn on the night, get ready to hand over your fiver! Then you’ve got 2 minutes to convince the panellists your script is great and maybe even give it a read themselves. Be warned pitchers can and will be gonged off if they run over time! We are exploring cash prizes for those who pitch and so for our 25th Anniversary, the stakes will be high.
Elliot Grove Dean Cross
Vue Tara Barnett
Fox Ali Mashayekhi
Without a Flock Kim Hudson Peter Dunphy
Strands: Industry Forum