Long Live The Bride

Directed by: Ascanio Celestini
88 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 5
Sun 4th Oct 17:40
Premiere Screening

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Nicola lives out his days amongst the crime, corruption and depravity of Rome’s forgotten ghetto. He is a drunk who hides behind the comfort of alcohol and the company of the bar’s television. Whilst driving sober in his beloved van, Nicola hits Sabatino, a well know con man who stages crashes to claim insurance money. Shaken with guilt, Nicola finds himself helping Sabatino’s son, who deals in the darker side of crime. His job as a children’s party performer barely keeps pace with his alcohol habit, so Nicola is persuaded to commit petty crimes for cash. With the companionship of immigrants, a prostitute and her illegitimate son (who may or may not be Nicola’s) this kind-hearted drunk remains safe and unscathed. For Sabatino’s son, however, the consequences of his crimes catch up with him and a corrupt police force take matters into their own hands. In a cruel and unforgiving world, Nicola and his friends must find distraction and comfort in what they can. For Nicola it is drink, for others it is crime, make-up or misplaced dreams. These distractions will not cure them of their poverty but they might save them from their reality.
Original Title
Viva La Sposa
88 min
Ascanio Celestini
Alessandra Acciai
Giorgio Magliulio
Roberto Lombardi
Luca Bigazzi
Luca Bigazzi
Ascanio Celestini
Alba Rohrwacher
Salvatore Striano
Screening Status
UK Premiere
Strands: Features Europe