Lucky Stiff

Directed by: Christopher Ashley
USA | 78 minutes

A lowly shoes salesman is about to get the exotic adventure of his life in this uplifting musical comedy.

The term ‘feel good’ is overused in film reviewing; you often have to sit through tons of ‘feel bad’ before you reach that uplifting resolution. Thankfully ‘Lucky Stiff’ truly is a feel good film, one that will have you smiling from its glitzy opening right through to its heart-warming conclusion.

Humble Harry Witherspoon desperately wants to escape his humdrum life as a shoes salesman in 1970’s London. Harry’s opportunity arises when his deceased uncle entrusts him with his enormous fortune. However, in a wonderfully macabre fashion, to access the inheritance Harry has to fulfil his uncle’s eccentric dying wish: to escort his body to Monte Carlo for one last holiday. What follows is a hugely entertaining caper comedy as his uncle’s ex-lover Rita (a deliciously outrageous diva you will love to hate), her cowardly brother Vinnie and the charming Annabel (a representative from the uncle’s favourite dog charity) compete for the money.

Complete with show-stopping musical numbers, wonderful period detail and an abundance of visual gags, ‘Lucky Stiff’ resurrects classic Hollywood panache.

Matt Howsam

Loose Lips – Raindance Film Festival: Lucky Stiff

Christopher Ashley
Lynn Ahrens
Stephen Flaherty
J. Todd Harris
Victor Syrmis
Mark Moran
Greg Gardiner
Dominic Marsh
Nikki James
Jason Alexander
Pamela Shaw
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