Directed by: Salvador del Solar
109 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 2
Sat 26th Sep 21:15
Premiere Screening

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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 2
Tue 29th Sep 16:40
2nd Screening

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A taxi cruises around the city. The driver, Magallanes, beeps for customers. Nothing. Finally, a woman enters. He glances casually in the mirror. A sudden recognition. His eyes dart back and forth to her, confused and pained. She has a troubled expression but is oblivious to his gaze. He sweats and breathes heavily. They reach her destination, she exits and he breaks down. Immediately we are seized by exciting story opportunities. And so begins Salvador del Solar’s mesmerising, redemptive thriller. The woman is Celina, a vulnerable hairdresser who needs to pay off her shop in order to live. But this is not how Magallanes knows her. He just knows that he has to save her. What fuels Magallanes’s pursuit? Is it regret, compassion or desire? All is revealed in the beautifully staged final scenes in which Magallanes’s and Celina’s brooding pasts are discussed. ‘Magallanes’ triumphs on the sensitivity of Damián Alcázar’s and Magaly Solier’s lead performances; particularly memorable, they express one of the most emotional haircutting scenes in film history without dialogue. Blackmail, torture, military corruption, misogyny and repressed memories, ‘Magallanes’ is a thoroughly absorbing watch that will stay with you.
109 min
Salvador del Solar
Salvador del Solar
Péndulo Films
Tondero Films
CEPA Audiovisual
Diego Jiménez
Diego Jiménez
Damian Alcazar
Magaly Solier
Federica Luppi
Screening Status
UK Premiere