Meet The LadyBugs

Directed by: Dorothy Wallace
11 minutes
Friday 25th Sep 13:00
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 5
Premiere Screening
In this modern take on Christmas classics, the ghost of Joan Rivers encourages Tony to look for the good qualities in people instead of being so negative. The LadyBugs save Christmas after having their concert canceled by the Bugwood Commons Board of Directors. With guest star Lani Minella as the ghost of Joan Rivers. A cross between South Park and School House Rock, this award-winning animated comedy created by singer/songwriter Dorothy Wallace uses comedy and music to raise awareness about serious issues affecting kids and to help educate kids about difficult topics.
Original Title
Meet The LadyBugs
11 min
Dorothy Wallace
Dorothy Wallace
Dorothy Wallace
Dorothy Wallace
Lani Minella Eric Gusky
Screening Status
Festival Premiere
Strands: WebFest