Ministry of Love

Directed by: Pavo Marinković
Croatia | 104 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 2
Wed 28th Sep 17:30

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War widows have become a huge financial burden to the Croatian government. In order to resolve this problem, a brilliant new law is imposed to restrict funds only to those who have remained single following their soldier husbands’ deaths. Every law needs enforcers. Krešo, an unemployed biologist, is offered a role with The Ministry of Love as a result of his father-in-law’s connections. Stuck in a miserable marriage and approaching middle age, he reluctantly accepts his mission and takes to the road with an assigned partner, Šikić. In hot pursuit of the incentives rewarded for each widow brought to justice, Šikić takes his responsibilities far more seriously than Krešo. Eventually succumbing to pressure, Krešo rises to the challenge and excels in his job. The partners begin to gain the trust of multiple widows by posing as insurance salesmen, or as friends of the late husbands. However, Krešo inevitably becomes conflicted when he falls for one of the very widows he has been hired to expose. This is a sharp, quirky comedy with well-written characters and a slightly terrifying premise. Bureaucracy is rarely this amusing.
Original Title
Ministarstvo Ljubavi
Stjepan Perić
Dražen Kühn
Ecija Ojdanić
Olga Pakalović
Milan Strljić
Pavo Marinković
Pavo Marinković
Simon Tanšek
Stanislav Babic
Julietta Sichel
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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