Directed by: Asia Argento
Italy | 103 minutes

Aria’s narcissistic parents are divorcing and neither of them has the time or compassion to care for her. Is there anyone who will love her?

Aria’s parents, a self-interested actor and an unbalanced musician, are too busy screaming at each other to care about how their divorce is affecting her. Even though she has support in the form of her best friend, Aria’s behavior gets more and more erratic; she starts stirring up trouble, getting into fights – even smoking and drinking. Her misguided attempts to gain her parents’ attention fall on deaf ears and as she’s bandied about from house to house, Aria begins to lose hope.

This latest feature from prolific filmmaker Asia Argento is an ever optimistic, but ultimately sad tale in which we have the privilege of getting to know Aria. ‘Misunderstood’ manages to remain bubbly, humorous and even a bit childish as we track Aria’s jaunts through a world of utterly mad adults. This innocent feel is underlined by an upbeat soundtrack and vivid, warm cinematography. ‘Misunderstood’ can also boast an excellent cast of child actors, led by the fantastic Giulia Salerno in the role of Aria, and a fair few talented adults too – Charlotte Gainsbourg does a great turn as Aria’s narcissistic, explosive mother.

Asia Argento
Barbara Alberti
Lorenzo Mieli
Eric Heumann
Nicola Pecorini
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Giulia Salerno
Gabriel Garko
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