Monument to Michael Jackson

Directed by: Darko Lungulov
Serbia | Germany | Macedonia | Croatia | 95 minutes

Daydreamer Marko hopes to revive his town and his relationship with his estranged wife by building a monument to Michael Jackson.

Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Darko Lungulov presents a light-hearted take on Serbian post-war society, where his ambitious dreamer Marko faces an uphill battle against authorities, radical groups and grumpy politicians to prove himself to his estranged wife and prevent his friend from being fired. To brighten local prospects, he proposes to erect a statue of Michael Jackson, which would attract international tourism, reviving businesses and most of all, the hopes of the townspeople. Filled with good intentions, he finds resourceful allies to pursue his resolution.

The film brilliantly balances everyday struggles with an extraordinary mission and incessant mishaps, showing jovial leniency towards the flawed and altering political transformation and those who suffer to cope with it. Boris Milivojevic’s amiable, idealistic portrayal of Marko brings infectious enthusiasm as he weathers the setbacks of his reluctant leadership. This warm-hearted comedy is painted with glowing colours, and clear imagery helps to focus on the versatile conflicts. ‘Monument to Michael Jackson’ delivers an intimate and expressive comedy which exceeds the usual limitations of the genre and reserves an unexpected twist after the wholehearted laughter.

Mirella Matrai

Darko Lungulov
Darko Lungulov
Snezana Penev
Mathias Schoeningh
Boris Milivojevic
Natasa Tapuskovic
Dragan Bjelogrlic
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