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Pic. 4
Fri 25th Sep 22:00
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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 1
Mon 28th Sep 17:20

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Following in his dad’s footsteps, Jake takes over the family business of drug dealing and is soon to be top dog on the block. With no other prospects, Jake is resigned to a life of crime and accepts his vocation as a necessary means to survive. With his best mate as a side kick, the pair are set to make the kind of money that a small town boy from a rundown town can only dream of. For Jade, Margate town is her playground. With a drunk for a dad and a mum ‘up in heaven’, the nine-year-old spends her days climbing garage roofs as ‘Super Girl’. Both characters are brave, resilient and damaged by their upbringings but it is here that their similarities end. After an accidental meeting, Jake and Jade find themselves irreversibly linked as a fatal incident forces Jake to have to care for this vulnerable girl. In ‘My Hero’, racing scenes take you from frame to frame as the plot thickens and a spiral of bad luck twists and turns. Within their dire circumstances two complete strangers find friendship and love and for the first time they are cared for by one another.##
Original Title
My Hero
80 min
Nathanael Wiseman
Robert Osman
Nathanael Wiseman
Nathanael Wiseman
Katarina Gellin
Joseph Manion
Joseph Manion
Charlie Jones
Screening Status
World Premiere
Nathanael Wiseman
Alexandra Newick
Ralph Brown
Strands: Features UK