A series of stories highlight what a band of characters are willing to do in order to survive.

‘Navajazo’ expertly balances the fine line between drama and documentary by placing its post-apocalyptic world in the Mexican city of Tijuana. Clearly the film’s intention is to showcase the idea that survival is necessary no matter how dire the situation. An eclectic band of characters are shown through the tender eye of director Ricardo Silva who is able to get up close and personal with his cast through the use of claustrophobic locations and tight camera angles. Among the subjects are a Satanic musician, a pornographer and a duo of drug-users. The film’s portrayal is intimately honest and refuses to pass judgement on its characters. Rather, Silva prefers to “point and shoot”, inviting his audience observe and draw their own conclusions.

‘Navajazo’ showcases beautiful visuals and an attention-drawing – yet delicate – soundtrack which only adds to blur the line between documentary and drama, which is where the film’s true strength lies. Its border-city location only hammers home this message. The viewer is constantly forced to question the validity of events, resulting in an intriguing and thought-provoking experience.

Ricardo Silva
Julia Pastrana
Ricardo Silva
Paulina Valencia
Ricardo Silva
Adrian Durayo
El Muerto de Tijuana
Jonny Lewis
Star Kelly
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