Next to Me

Directed by: Stevan Filipović
95 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 3
Fri 2nd Oct 19:10
Premiere Screening

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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 3
Sat 3rd Oct 11:00
2nd Screening

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Olja, a high school history teacher at a public school in Belgrade, is married to a painter whose latest exhibition has caused a stir of negative sentiment amongst Serbian nationalists. One night, Olja is attacked by a group of hooligans who film and upload the incident online. The next day, she discovers that some of her students are behind the attack. In a moment of anger, she confiscates their mobile phones and leaves the school, locking the students inside and cutting them off from the outside world. In an attempt to make the most of an unfortunate situation, the students, who struggle to get along, begin to communicate with each other. Through its effective use of stock high school characters, the film explores how real communication, undisrupted by technology or outside influence, can bridge gaps and encourage change. As the night progresses, the eerie setting of the run-down school becomes a stage for self-reflection, where stereotypes are challenged and secrets revealed. Moving, probing and revealing, Next To Me is both entertaining and at times brutally honest in its depiction of the realities that young people face in an attempt to define their identity.
Original Title
Pored Mene
95 min
Stevan Filipović
Stevan Filipović
Milena Bogavac
Branislav Jević
Maja Radošević
Maja Radošević
Hristina Popović
Slaven Došlo
Nikola Glišić
Screening Status
UK Premiere
Strands: Features Balkans