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Thu 22nd Sep 18:30

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VUE Piccadilly
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Tue 27th Sep 13:15

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It is no coincidence that Selvamani Selvaraj’s film is called Nila, the Tamil word for ‘moon’. The dreamy aesthetic and beautiful settings lead us right into the wondrous nighttime world of taxi driver, Vimal. After moving to Bombay he is surprised by a face from his childhood town whilst out driving one night. The on-screen bond of the actors alongside simple and elegant camera-work seems to capture the heart and soul of Bombay. As a viewer we are immersed in the film, the rain, the emotion and most importantly: their journey. It is not just the journey of a taxi driver but also a journey of growth between two friends whose rekindled bond soon leads to a desire of more from each other. After a night at the theater, a lot of mesmorising rain and an incident with the taxi we may start to wonder whether that is a good thing or not. Nila is a film of beauty, humour and love moved by the age-old tale of head versus heart… Both are powerful but which one would you choose?
Sruthi Hariharan
Vicky R
Selvamani Selvaraj
Selvamani Selvaraj
Piyush Goswami
Vp Rajesh and Arvind Selvaraj
Executive Producer(s)
Alex Thomas
Screening Status
European Premiere
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