Ninah’s Dowry

Directed by: Victor Viyuoh
Cameroon | 95 minutes

Ninah runs away from her abusive husband Memfi to be at her dying father’s side, but Memfi wants payment – in money or blood.

‘Ninah’s Dowry’ is the debut feature from the talented Victor Viyuoh who wrote, directed and produced this inspiring, hard-hitting film. The brutal story is based upon the real life experiences of Victor’s cousin Evelyn and how she struggled to fight against what is known in Cameroon as the ‘bride price’.

Ninah is an intelligent, strong and fierce woman who is a mother to three impoverished children and a wife to the violent and vindictive Memfi (brilliantly played by Anurin Nwunembom). With the news of her father’s impending death, Ninah bravely disobeys her husband and runs away. Despite being repeatedly told by her family to return to her duty as a wife and mother, Ninah refuses to leave. Her family know that she will pay for her disobedience, but what will be the price?

The cost for Ninah was $100 but despite her best efforts, she is unable to raise this sum. Her debt can now only be paid with her life and Memfi seems intent on taking it.

Xanthe Patterson

Victor Viyuoh
Victor Viyuoh
Victor Viyuoh
Ndumu Albert Sangbong
Daniel Tan
Yibain Emile Aime
Mbufung Seikeh
Anurin Nwunembom
Nkwah Kingsley
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