Number 55

Directed by: Kristijan Milić
Croatia | 104 minutes

A long-awaited representation of the 1991 Croatian Homeland War, from the perspective of a Croatian unit.
Twenty Croatian defenders were killed in September, 1991 in the Kusonje village. ‘Broj 55’ (Number 55) sets out to be the closest depiction of this event in detail and emotion, dubbed ‘the first real movie about the Croatian Homeland War’. It is the first of a series of 12 films on the subject, and with no pressure to satisfy a gender quota it presents an all-male soldier cast fronted by Goran Bogdan.
For those who are unfamiliar with the Croatian Homeland War and its significance, ‘Broj 55’ is fairly neutral as nothing is quite spelled out in the opening third, but there is no doubt as to how it wants you to feel and who it wants you to align with after that.
Angling for total accuracy, director Kristijan Milic has backed the film up with contributions from the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Veterans. It is a war spectacle with integrity, boasting battle scenes that are harrowing enough without the help of music or loud special effects. This recreation of a 23-year-old tragedy has already rightly won Milic ‘Best Director’ at the 2014 Pula Film Festival.

Jane Aquino

Kristijan Milić
Ivan Pavličić
Croatian Raditelevision
Goran Radman
General Manager,Stanislav Babić
executive producer
Mirko Pivčević,Damir Gabelica
Production design,Veljko Segarić
Film editor,Vedrana Rapić
Costume designer
Goran Bogdan
Alan Katić
Marko Cindrić
Original Format