One Shot

Directed by: Robert Orhel
Croatia | 76 minutes

In the middle of university exams, an accidental pregnancy becomes Petra’s second biggest problem after she fires a shot and unintentionally kills a man.
This Croatian crime drama is reluctant to confess that its central character is a criminal. Petra faces an array of problems, from pregnancy at 20 in the midst of exams to living with an irresponsible alcoholic mother. When she fires an accidental shot from her best friend’s balcony, she kills a family man and subsequently pressures Morena into matching alibis. She winds up losing her best friend, but she forges an unexpected connection with Anita, who is also unexpectedly pregnant but is her interrogator above all.
With an excellently-crafted script by Robert Orhel, each scene manages to be deeply dramatic yet addictively mellow. Iva Babic is wholly sympathetic as Petra, with a performance that promises a vibrant personality trapped under horrific circumstances. Fighting for normality in a broken family and facing young motherhood, the only time Petra gives herself permission to smile genuinely is when she talks to her adorably innocent step sister. This is a crime drama that seems to sincerely regret that it is in this category, which makes it strangely satisfying to watch.

Robert Orhel
Robert Orhel
Ankica Juric Tilic
Hrvoje Pervan
Stanko Herceg
Ecija Ojdanic
Iva Babic
Barbara Nola
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