Out of My Hand

Directed by: Takeshi Fukunaga
88 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 1
Mon 28th Sep 21:40
Premiere Screening

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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 2
Sun 4th Oct 13:00
2nd Screening

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‘Out Of My Hand’ is a simple, down-to-earth and relatable story about Cisco, a Liberian family man and factory worker, who leaves his home country in search of a better life as a taxi driver in the USA. Takeshi Fukunaga’s film presents Cisco’s journey is a very personal fashion, using non-professional actors and paying close attention to Cisco’s skills and experiences – in the first sequence, for example, we learn step-by-step with Cisco what it takes to extract latex from trees. Indeed, much of the first half of the film feels like a docu-drama, switching to a more narrative style as Cisco battles hardship in the USA. This shift is also reflected in the cinematography, which while warm and colourful in Liberia, switches to col, drab and dreary tones under the metallic skyline of New York. Interestingly, ‘Out Of My Hand’ is only the second foreign-production narrative feature film ever shot in Liberia and the first to be made in association with Liberia Movie Union.
88 min
Takeshi Fukunaga
Takeshi Fukunaga
Donari Braxton
Donari Braxton
Mike Fox
Ryo Murakami
Ryo Murakami
Owen Donovan
Bishop Blay
Zenobia Taylor
Duke Murphy Dennis
Screening Status
UK Premiere