Panamerican Machinery

Directed by: Joaquin Del Paso
Mexico | 86 minutes
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Pic. 5
Fri 23rd Sep 20:45

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Sun 25th Sep 13:30

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It’s a Friday morning at Pan American Machinery Inc., and everyone goes about their business as usual, looking forward to the weekend. Everything changes, however, when the boss is found dead at the back of the warehouse, leaving behind a bankrupt company and an elderly workforce that now has no hope for employment or even a retirement fund. All in shock and grief, the employees agree to lock themselves in their factory until they figure out how to resolve this situation. Thus starts a weekend of quiet restlessness, during which all the characters seem to change. The familiar environment of their factory seems to be all the more stuck back in time, irremediably the same, in scenes which beautifully shift from social commentary to absurd satire and touching character moment in a heartbeat. Joaquin Del Paso’s film blends all those tones in a memorable film: the moving performances flesh out characters who have gone beyond maturity to the point of tiredness, and the truly astonishing and memorable visuals carry a story in a way that’s both relevant to today’s economic environment and timeless in its themes.
Original Title
Maquinaria Panamericana
Javier Zaragoza
Ramiro Orozco
Irene Ramirez
Edmundo Mosqueira
Delfino López
Cecilia Garcia
Cesar Panini
Javier Camacho
Israel Ruiz
Regina DuPacci
Joaquin Del Paso
Joaquin del Paso
Lucy Pawlak
Fredrik Olsson
Joaquín Del Paso
Susan Bernal
Executive Producer(s)
Jaime Romandia
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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