PlayMe Burlesque

Directed by: Malgorzata Saniewska
USA | 91 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 3
Sun 2nd Oct 15:15

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PlayMe Burlesque is a vivacious documentary about burlesque and some of the people who perform it in New York, where the art form is thought to have originated in Long Island. The film shows the art of burlesque from a variety of different angles: from the sound and light technicians to the accompanying singers, to the burlesque dancers themselves, who re-veal how they became introduced to the world of burlesque, why they do it, and what it means to them. Like a burlesque performance, the documentary reveals more and more as it goes on, showing the performers in their homes, creating their costumes, training in the studio, prepa-ration backstage, and performing on-stage. PlayMe Burlesque takes the audience on an intimate journey into the lives of a handful of bur-lesque dancers, music performers and fashions designers. It shows women coming from many different backgrounds, all expressing their passion for burlesque in their own unique way. Above all, the film outlines – as one artist emphasizes – that burlesque is not the same as stripping, because burlesque is not just a colorful and titillating dance show, but an attitude and a lifestyle: “Burlesque is energy, comedy, joy and beauty.”
Malgorzata Saniewska
Malgorzata Saniewska
Love Seat Entertainment
Executive Producer(s)
Love Seat Entertainment
Screening Status
European Premiere
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