Power to Change - The Energy Rebellion

Directed by: Carl-A. Fechner
Germany | 94 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 1
Sat 1st Oct 21:00

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Europe is undergoing an energy revolution. As a world leader in combatting climate change, Germany is perceived as an innovative and rebellious nation which places renewable energy at the forefront of its administrative policy. In this revealing documentary the personal stories of individuals fighting for complete self-sufficiency by 2030 expose the resistance of their government and big industry to support the cause. For Edy, “our world is being shaken by the struggle for an energy transition, for peace, for justice.” He endeavours to contribute to the revolution by creating a mobile company which converts straw and other waste into pellets which can be used for energy. But in a thriving industrial nation like Germany, can these small scale initiatives have any real effect on the energy crisis? In spite of political corruption and financial struggles these individual projects demonstrate the ability of bottom-up enterprises to lead the way to global environmental sustainability. Carl-A. Fechner brings together a diverse group of environmental experts, industry professionals and grassroots activists in a gratifyingly informative and hopeful documentary. As part of a larger multimedia project, this film exposes the alarming relationship between politics, capitalism and energy, and those willing to fight for a better world.
Original Title
Power to - Die Energierebellion
Amir Roughani
Claudia Kemfert
Edy Kraus
Lutz Machalewski
Stephan Rammler
Carl-A. Fechner
Carl-A. Fechner
Carl-A. Fechner
Executive Producer(s)
Carl-A. Fechner
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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