Problemski Hotel

Directed by: Manu Riche
Belgium | Netherlands | 116 minutes
Wednesday 21st Sep 18:00
Picturehouse Central
Bipul is an enigma: amnesiac, multi-lingual and with nothing to his name, he lives in a Belgian immigration centre with a group of asylum seekers. Despite his lack of a history (or, perhaps, because of it) Bipul is the glue that holds his thrown-together community together, acting as translator, arbiter of conflicts and comforter for many of the lost souls who live with him. Although he tries his best, life remains bleak for the asylum seekers: most are sent home, commit suicide or face a journey fraught with peril and criminality. When Lidia, a young Eastern European girl who dreams of living an idyllic life in Chipping Sodbury, enters Bipul’s life and falls in love with him, things get a little more complicated for our quiet protagonist. This debut fiction feature for documentary-maker Manu Riche shines a light on the disheartening experiences of immigrants and refugees as they struggle to find a safe place to call home, even if that place considers them alien. Problemski Hotel is about worlds colliding, but not quite merging: with every social, ethnic, religious and national group crammed together in desperate circumstances, the friction is bound to lead to sparks.
Tarek Halaby
Evgenia Brendes
Gökhan Girginol
Lydia Indjova
Belgium/The Netherlands
Manu Riche
Steve Hawes
Manu Riche
Renaat Lambeets
Emmy Oost
Denis Vaslin
Geneviève De Bauw
Executive Producer(s)
Emmy Oost
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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