Directed by: Quentin Dupieux
87 minutes
VUE Leicester Square
VUE Leicester Square
Sun 4th Oct 19:45
Gala Screening

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A young girl, Reality, witnesses a videotape fall out of a boar’s carcass – but nobody will believe her when she says that she saw it, or that the boar must have eaten the tape. Jason, a 3rd camera operator at a dire local TV station, scores a deal with an old employer to get his terrible horror movie idea funded – but only if he manages to deliver the producer the most harrowing, ‘Oscar-winning’ groan of pain ever recorded. Dennis, a presenter at the same TV station, suffers from constant itching – but the doctor can’t find anything physically wrong with him. These whimsical, slightly unnerving tales wash in and out of each other in the latest feature by musician-turned-filmmaker Quentin Dupieux (‘Rubber’, ‘Wrong’). The strange, disjointed narrative merges dreams with reality in a kaleidoscopic medley, the clever editing and subtle stylised performances adding to the sense of watching a subtly humorous, pacifying and perplexing dream. The film also features strong performances from some recognisable faces, including French comic Alain Chabat and Jon Heder (‘Napoleon Dynamite’). The Institut Français du Royaume-Uni supports the presence of the talents.
Original Title
87 min
Quentin Dupieux
Quentin Dupieux
Grégory Bernard
Diane Jassem
Quentin Dupieux
Quentin Dupieux
Alain Chabat
Elodie Bouchez
Jonathan Lambert
Screening Status
UK Premiere