Rickie Lee Jones: The Other Side of Desire

Directed by: Gail Harvey
70 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 5
Sat 3rd Oct 22:15
Premiere Screening

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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 1
Sun 4th Oct 13:20
2nd Screening

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In a world where a singer can be as famous for their Instagram account as they are for their musical ability or otherwise, genuine stars are hard to come by. Enter Rickie Lee Jones, a singer-songwriter who made her name in the 1970s as a contemporary of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waites. Yet despite Rolling Stone covers and awards to her name, Jones has been largely lost to modern-day audiences - a fact she recounts as we join her during the creation of her first album for 10 years. This is a sensitive portrayal of what it means to be not only a woman in the music industry, but also an older woman in the world at large. As she playfully sums up, 'so you're not interested in me because you don't want to f*ck me anymore?' Ricky's indomitable spirit is what drives this documentary, but it also leads to some tense moments in the studio. Whether recounting stories of her family's Vaudeville heritage or her past loves, Ricky is a star - even without the youthful beauty that once accompanied her voice. The snatches of singing interspersed with her memories and anecdotes show a talent that no amount of selfies could surpass.
70 min
Gail Harvey
Gail Harvey
Katie Boland
Rickie Lee Jones
Gail Harvey
Gail Harvey
Rickie Lee Jones
David Crosby
Rosanna Arquette
Screening Status
World Premiere
Strands: Features RSO