Seth’s Dominion

Directed by: Luc Chamberland
Canada | 42 minutes

An atmospheric and insightful documentary on Canadian comic artist ‘Seth’.
“You’re not aiming for the detail so much as the overall feeling” Seth notes of his creative process. “There is something very lovely about the stillness of a comic book page”.
‘Seth’s Dominion’ showcases the life and work of a prolific Canadian cartoonist and graphic novelist who goes by the name of Seth. Filmmaker Luc Chamberland has combined live action and animation to create an atmospheric, insightful film. Reflective, witty, and nostalgic, Seth makes for an intriguing subject. He describes his animated characters as “little people trapped in time” and is fascinated by memory, consciousness, and the human experience. His graphic novels are semi-autobiographical: a blurred concoction of reality and fiction.

Dominion is a 1950s city and a product of Seth’s imagination. Beginning as a series of sketches, Seth expanded Dominion into a 3D cardboard model city which later went on to be exhibited at art galleries. Despite his commercial success, Seth continues to value art for art’s sake and reflects on many of his fascinating creations as his ‘hobbies’ – a refreshingly simple and unpretentious approach to the frequently overbearing art world.

Luc Chamberland
Luc Chamberland
Marcy Page
Gerry Flahive
John Minh Tran
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