VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 3
Sun 4th Oct 15:00
Premiere Screening

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‘Shih’ is a documentary film that follows Paola Shih as she embarks upon a life changing journey. After twenty years of living as a westerner, Paola wishes to reconnect with her Taiwanese father and learn about her forgotten family. After the break down of their marriage, Paola’s mother left her father and Taiwan. No note was written or contact details given and the pair simply vanished. For Venezuelan Paola, Taiwan may be the missing puzzle piece in her life. After summoning the courage and making many a long distance phone call, Paola has arranged to take a long term trip to meet her father and experience Taiwan for what feels like the very first time. As time passes and Paola’s confidence grows, a relationship unfolds in front of the cameras that is honest and beautiful. The raw emotions captured on camera are captivating and at times brutal. Each scene is lovingly shot with Paola’s boyfriend and best friend behind the cameras. Exchanges are made in her native Spanish in the confidence that her father cannot understand. This is a film that is brave, authentic and bold. It is a sensitive exposition of a relationship re-discovered and never to be lost again.
97 min
Bruno Zaffora
Rafael Ortega Velderrain
Bruno Zaffora
Bruno Zaffora
Rafael Ortega Velderrain
Rafael Ortega Velderrain
Rafael Ortega Velderrain
Paola Shih
Jimmy Shih
Yvonne Parra
Screening Status
European Premiere