Shooting Stars

Directed by: Ivan-Goran Vitez
Croatia | Serbia | 110 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
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Fri 30th Sep 13:30

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VUE Piccadilly
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Sun 2nd Oct 15:00

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“Wants to go to war, can’t kill a hare.” Ljiljan Vidic hasn’t found his feet in the world; he’s a poet whose creative attempts go unappreciated in his rural village, and is not the lean, mean, fighting machine that is an immediate fit for Tito’s army. Nevertheless, he finds himself with a somewhat-capable group of partisans, hatching a plan to kill Hitler and bring the war to an end. How? Win the national talent show, get an audience with the man himself, and take matters into their own drunken, cantankerous, haphazard hands. This Croatian film is a darkly comic, Von-Trapp-family-gone-off take on Balkan political history. The absurdist tone of hyper-realistic visuals and cartoonish characterisation sparkles in moments of lapsed historicity, when someone slips in a “LOL”, derides “hipsters”, or uses an abacus to punch the pin-code on a manned ATM. When you’re talking about a film that finds General Tito hiding in a green-lit underground lair, it’s impossible not to get drawn in by its weirdly anachronistic outlook on world affairs. Shooting Stars takes on nationalism and the idea of the ‘war movie’ with a uniquely ironic flair.
Original Title
Narodni Heroj Ljiljan Vidiç
Christian Coltrane
Stjepan Perić
Tena Jeić Gajski
Ljubiša Savanović
Ivan Đuričić
Ivan-Goran Vitez
Zoran Lazić
Tamara Cesarec h.f.s.
Ivan Maloča
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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