Directed by: Ken Ninomiya
112 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 3
Thu 24th Sep 21:30

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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 1
Fri 25th Sep 14:40
2nd Screening

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Violence has soared so much on the island of Slum-Polis, it’s been cut off from the rest of Japan. It has since become an anarchic city, where violence is not so much a way of life as a key to survival. The death of a local drugs kingpin stirs a change in the power balance, and in this tense and dangerous atmosphere a group of friends try to make the most of their chances as they hope for a better future. The group have been brought together by unfortunate circumstances more than by affinity. They know that their lives could have turned out better had they lived somewhere else - anywhere else. They’re all too familiar with violence, even though their reluctance to use it, even as a last resort, is obvious. They are artists, which offers them a chance to dream of something better. For a while, that shared experience of escapism is the best they allow themselves – until the dream is no longer a fitting substitute for their horrible reality. Ken Ninomiya’s film is as gritty and raw in its exploration of the intricacies of violence as it is poetic and full of hope in the most unlikely places.
112 min
Ken Ninomiya
Ken Ninomiya
Yoshie Konishi
Ken Ninomiya
Shota Yamamoto
Shota Yamamoto
Horyu Nishimura
Hidenobu Abera
Ryoko Ono
Screening Status
UK Premiere