Directed by Douglas Ray
| 72 minutes


Monday 28th September 21:00
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 4
Premiere Screening
Sunday 4th October 14:50
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 4
2nd Screening
Billed as a “singer, songwriter and kidnapper” within the first five minutes, washed-out musician Mark is first seen shoving a woman into the boot of his car, driving her to the woods. She is his wife Karen, and after finding out about her affair with another woman, Jamie, Mark kidnaps them both and holds them hostage. After feeding them – and himself – rat poison, Mark claims to have an antidote that will only save two of them. But can we really trust him? While they take turns to plea for their lives, flashbacks follow the events that lead up to this moment. Mark’s failing efforts as a solo musician leads Karen to resent him and during this time, she meets Jamie, a bar waitress. A conversation later explores the marital strain between Mark and Karen, causing her to find comfort in Jamie, who has secrets of her own. Mark’s hasty decision to kidnap them comes from paranoia over his marriage falling apart. Including a stellar performance by Antonia Campbell-Hughes as Jamie, the dazzling trio brings to life this sombre story, which shows the effect of an affair and how people can self-destruct in the face of deceit.
72 min
Douglas Ray
Douglas Ray
Douglas Ray
Jonathan Rawlinson
Jan Pester
Jan Pester
Eva Birthistle
Antonia Campbell-Hughes
Paul Hilton
Screening Status
UK Premiere