The Beat Beneath My Feet

Directed by: John Williams
UK | 91 minutes

Tom, a shy teenager with musical ambitions, takes guitar lessons from a washed-up rock god.

Tom, a painfully shy, awkward teenager, dreams of being able to play the guitar like the rock gods of the 80’s. Unfortunately for him he lives with his mother, who hates all music excepting church choirs. The quiet of their lives is shattered when Max Stone, an embittered ex-rock god with a troubled past, moves in downstairs and begins blasting music through the thin walls. While this is hell for Tom’s mum, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime for Tom to sharpen up on his guitar skills with some professional help and try to win his school’s ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition. It won’t be easy though, as Tom has to face resistance from Max, who wants to leave his past behind him, and from his dead-set against it mother.

‘The Beat Beneath My Feet’ is a return to the screen for Scoop Films, the team behind 2012’s ‘City Slacker’. Funny, touching and featuring an incredible soundtrack of original rock & blues songs, the film also benefits from a talented cast of established and up-and-coming actors, including U.S. star Luke Perry, and a stand-out performance from newcomer Nicholas Galitzine in the role of Tom.

Orestes Kouzof

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