The Demons

Directed by: Philippe Lesage
118 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 2
Tue 29th Sep 21:20
Premiere Screening

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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 3
Thu 1st Oct 13:20
2nd Screening

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‘The Demons’ centres around the inquisitive and contemplative Felix. At nine years old, he is curious and observant. In many respects, Felix is a normal child. Like all nine year olds, he is scared of certain things. He is incredibly sensitive and is beginning to question how the world works. As events unfold, Felix finds himself worrying, investigating and watching the adults that surround him. He has anxieties about his parents’ marriage, his no good neighbours, kidnapping and AIDS. As he and his friends play in a picturesque neighbourhood, disturbing and dangerous events are taking place that would horrify and harm their innocence. ‘The Demons’ examines how humans can be governed by hideous, hurtful and horrific thoughts. It highlights how we can be hateful, selfish and heinous creatures who act upon impulse, adrenaline and perverse desires. Scenes are accompanied by rich classical music that makes for heightened atmospheric moments. The careful construction of shots make you shudder as children play in places that have previously been plagued by horrific acts. As two worlds merge, we see how innocence is so short lived and how we are always only one wrong turn away from danger.
Original Title
Les Demons
118 min
Philippe Lesage
Philippe Lesage
Galile Marion-Gauvin
Philippe Lesage
Nicola Canniccioni
Nicola Canniccioni
Edouard Tremblay-Grenier
Pier-Luc Funk
Yannick Gobeil-Dugas
Screening Status
UK Premiere