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The lives of a woman who craves motherhood, a boy valued for the power of his punches and a teenage heroin addict are more entwined than they think in this gritty Puerto Rican drama. La Granja (The Farm) documents the places where the human and the animal meet and the ways in which economic uncertainty and political corruption force individuals to behave like beasts. This is an environment that has been left to ruin and a new hierarchy of power has emerged, with drugs as its main economy. The rugged shooting style, stark natural lighting and close intimate shots force the viewer into the action, to live within this dirty underworld alongside its shady characters. Despite their disgusting behaviours and questionable activities, you can’t help but feel committed to the lives of these misguided adults and wayward kids. Their happiness becomes the viewer’s unobtainable but ever desperate objective. Starkly uncomfortable to watch, La Granja portrays the tragic condition of many barrios that are ruled by organised crime and drugs trafficking. A complex and surprising narrative structure keeps you glued to the screen, while the crumbling community depicted will stay with you long after you’ve left the cinema.
Original Title
La Granja
Amneris Morales
Yullie Padilla
Henry Osso
Marco Carlos Cintrón
José R. Colón
Puerto Rico
Angel Manuel Soto
Angel Manuel Soto
Sonnel Velazquez
Adrianne Franciscus
Tom Davia
Angel Manuel Soto
Executive Producer(s)
Santos Rivera Montero
Yudal Baez
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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