The Goa Run

Directed by: John Owen
India | 112 minutes

A Goan taxi driver accepts a job from a local crime boss to pay his debts.

Peter seems to have it good. A motorcycle taxi driver in India’s main tourist hotspot, he makes a living ferrying around pretty western girls for their two weeks of partying in the sun. But Peter has had enough of Goa and wants to make his fortune elsewhere. The only thing standing between him and leaving is his debt to Bosco, the local crime boss. Bosco offers him a chance to get out: all Peter has to do is what he does best, look after a girl for a week, Mira, the London drug mule. He does the job, but when Mira’s life is in danger, he can’t just walk away.

‘The Goa Run’ provides an easy entrance point to a beautiful cinematic culture that is not at odds with the way we are used to seeing things in the west. The song and dance is not absent, but is much more in context. The story has a harder edge than Bollywood’s usually more family friendly fare, the story is edge of the seat stuff and the filmmakers make full use of the Goan backdrop to provide a visual treat.

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John Owen
John Owen
Disney India
Alphonse Roy
Rajeev Khandelwal
Lekha Washington
Prashant Narayanan
Original Format
35mm film
Strands: Features Spring