The Golden Five

Directed by: Goran Trenchovski
Macedonia | Serbia | 83 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 2
Thu 29th Sep 17:30

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Elderly academic Alavantie returns to his homeland, from which he fled during the oppressive regime of Tito after the execution of his childhood friends: student activists resisting the communist Yugoslav government and campaigning for an independent Macedonia. In 1951, the five friends were reunited with Alavantie, and their other childhood friend Gigi, in their home town just days before their arrest and execution. More than 50 years later Alavantie and Gigi, the only surviving members of the group, are again reunited. In the intervening years Alavantie has relentlessly investigated their deaths and has uncovered the truth about what really happened to the 'Golden Five'. A beautiful representation of period and contemporary Macedonia interweaves the story of 'The Golden Five', the events leading up to their execution and the aftermath decades later. While the film is very much a tale of the past, like all good stories about our history it informs us about our present, it warns of the consequences of zealous nationalism and the intolerance of the criticism of governance, but also provides a message of hope for those of us willing to accept the lessons of the past. A profound and moving film.
Original Title
Zlatna Petorka
Slavko Stimac,Petar Arsovski,Jana Stojanovska,Aleksandar Ristoski,Nenad Milosavljavik
Goran Trenchovski
Bratislav Tashkovski
Apostol Trpeski
Dejan Miloshevski
Executive Producer(s)
Branka Miloshevska
Screening Status
World Premiere
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