The Habit of Beauty

Directed by: Mirko Pincelli
UK | Italy | 89 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
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Sun 25th Sep 18:30

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Wed 28th Sep 15:00

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The Habit of Beauty is a film about finding the inherent beauty in all things even when they are looked at through the lens of tragedy, death, chaos and loss. When Ernesto, a wildly successful couture photographer, tragically loses his only son, his inability to cope drives him to abandon his loving wife Elena. Three years later, he has found some peace from mentoring juvenile offender Ian. When he falls ill, he reconnects with Elena to convince her to exhibit his final show. This is an exhibition that has repercussions for Elena and her new relationship and also for Ian, who is trying to move beyond his criminal past and volatile relationship with his father. While The Habit of Beauty eloquently and expertly interweaves the tales of Ernesto, Elena and Ian with heartfelt performances from the cast, this is a film that boldly sets out to tell a story beautifully, to allow the image to frame the story. If you are going to show the world as seen by a great photographer then you’d better have the skill to compose that world as a great photographer would see it. A feat that The Habit of Beauty manages perfectly.
Francesca Neri
Vincenzo Amato
Nico Mirallegro
Noel Clarke
Kierston Wareing
Nick Moran
Cosmo Jarvis
Michael Warburton
Elena Cotta
Luca Lionello
Mia Benedetta
Mirko Pincelli
Enrico Tessarin
Fabio Cianchetti
Enrico Tessarin
Mirko Pincelli
Cristiano Bortone
Executive Producer(s)
Brigitte Sardo
Grazia Materia
Giada Bronzino
Michael Freund
Chiara Comastri
David Bryan
Adriano Allegretti
Lilia Trapani Hartmann
Luca Ribezzo
Alessandro De Marco
Daphne Wattiez
Kissy Dugan
Kerry Borsuk
Giovanni Bolzani
Stefan Yap
Carolina Neri
Alberto Demaestri
Maximilian Nicolai Schiegg
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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