The Incident

Directed by: Isaac Ezban
100 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 2
Sat 3rd Oct 19:00
Premiere Screening

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In the universe of writer / director Isaac Ezban if you ever find yourself in the company of a dying person and hear an explosion, you are not in for a pleasant next thirty-five years. This Mexican thriller follows two separate narrative strands: in the first, a detective hunts down two brothers, killing one. In the other, a family heads off on a trip and the young daughter suffers an asthma attack on the road. In both cases the characters hear an explosion, and thenceforth find themselves trapped in their respective environments: the detective runs down to the ground floor only to find himself on the ninth floor again; the family drive on an infinite road, never reaching their destination. Even elements within the environments recur each day, such as ready meals and soft drinks. This deeply disturbing film touches upon themes such as consumerism, family bonds and parallel universes, and makes us question how different our lives really are to the lives of these people, bound to the same places and daily routines. If you are looking for a film that will drive you to introspection, ‘The Incident’ is definitely worth watching.
Original Title
El Incidente
100 min
Isaac Ezban
Isaac Ezban
Miriam Mercado
Salomon Askenazi
Rodrigo Sandoval Vega Gil
Rodrigo Sandoval Vega Gil
Raúl Méndez
Nailea Norvind
Hernán Mendoza
Screening Status
UK Premiere