The Judgement

Directed by: Stephan Komandarev
107 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 3
Thu 1st Oct 19:10
Premiere Screening

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VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 1
Fri 2nd Oct 15:20
2nd Screening

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Mist crawls over the hills and figures are dwarfed by landscapes in a poor Bulgarian village where loneliness resides. As does Mityo, a distraught shell of a man who we learn from the opening scene has lost his job, is resented by his son, Vasko, and cannot afford to keep his property. Out of desperation, Mityo is lured into easy money by smuggling illegal immigrants across the border. Assen Blatechki commands the role of Mityo, his sombre face depicts the vulnerability of a man drowning in problems yet a glint persists in his eyes; they seek the opportunity of a secure family life. What resounds in this beautifully low-key drama is the issue of morality. Slowly we are presented with an interesting character dilemma. Mityo used to work for the border police and now he drives immigrants past their controls, thus the criminal hunter becomes the hunted criminal. Furthermore, the titular ‘Judgement’ is the local mountain that is closely associated with Mityo’s past. What happened up there? And why will no one discuss it? Miscommunication permeates the film’s riveting father-son relationship as Vasko attempts to uncover Mityo’s secrets. ‘The Judgement’ is an absorbing mediation on masculine identity and haunted pasts.
Original Title
107 min
Stephan Komandarev
Marin Damyanov
Emil Spahiyski
Stephan Komandarev
Steph Komandarev
Katya Trichkova
Alexander Ris
Christine Haupt
Boris T. Matic
Vladimir Anastasov
Angela Nestorovska
Krasimir Andonov
Krasimir Andonov
Assen Blatechki
Ovanes Torosian
Miki Manojlovic
Screening Status
UK Premiere
Strands: Features Balkans