The Juilliard Experiment

Directed by: Mark Kidel
UK | 83 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 2
Sat 1st Oct 12:30

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The Juilliard Experiment is a stirring documentary about French artist Fabienne Verdier’s col-laborative artistic work with various musicians during her residency at the prestigious Juil-liard School of Music in New York. The documentary explores the relationship between painting and music as Vernier aims to create a painting informed and inspired by the music around her. Through the film we see her collaboration with various musicians at Juilliard; the musicians play their music while Ver-dier, guided by the music’s melody and rhythm, creates her vivid paintings. The Juillard Experiment shows Vernier’s art work, which not only reflects her artistic vision, but creates an intimate portrait of her as a person: her search for the perfect symbiosis be-tween music and painting becomes the expression of her own roots as the daughter of a com-poser. The film follows Vernier’s personal and artistic journey; an art that flourishes within music and expresses the singularity of each musical sequence as it becomes reflected in her paintings. As Fabienne Vernier discusses the bond between music and her painting: “It is to-tally abstract, yet contains the entire force.”
Fabienne Verdier
Mark Kidel
Jennifer Cox
Olivier Raffet
Mark Kidel
Mark Kidel
Screening Status
World Premiere
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