The Lust of Angels

Directed by: Nagisa Isogai
Japan | 40 minutes

Director Nagisa Isogai will be present for a Q&A

A not-so-angelic quartet of high school girls goes on a ruthless hunt for gropers.

New classmate Yuriko saves Saori from being groped on the infamous Hanagawa trainline by slashing the molester with a razor blade. The two girls plus two tag-along friends then conspire to take justice into their own hands and go on a hunt for gropers. Yuriko, who is rumoured to have killed her father by the rest of the class, hates all men, while the other girls’ motivations remain even murkier. When their first ‘catch’ manages to buy his escape, it becomes quickly apparent that a few thousand yen is not the sort of compensation that all four of them are seeking.

The Film School of Tokyo graduate Isogai Nagisa’s first mid-length film had its world premiere at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival earlier this year. Inspired by a true story, it offers – at 40 minutes – a brief but chilling glimpse into the darkly twisted minded of everyone: perverted, middle-aged gropers, overbearingly judgmental teachers, gossiping classmates, horny high school boys who rape to satisfy their sexual desires and angelic-faced girls who turn against each other at the blink of an eye. Victims and perpetrators – no one gets away scot-free and certainly not everyone gets away alive.


Nagisa Isogai
Nagisa Isogai
Nagisa Isogai
Kei Nakase
Reine Honma
Elisa Yanagi
Akira Nakata
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