The Man Who Saw Too Much

Directed by: Trisha Ziff
Mexico | 88 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 1
Sun 25th Sep 21:00

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Tabloid journalism in Mexico City is clearly a very different animal to tabloid journalism in the UK. The Man Who Saw Too Much makes this clear to us right from the opening credits, where images of newspapers being printed are interspersed with images of coffins being manufactured, both on an industrial scale. In Mexico City the images that make it to the front page are the most sensational and graphically violent. Brutal murders, uncontrollable blazes and catastrophic traffic accidents, and no one in Mexico City is better at capturing these images than Enrique Metinides. The son of Greek immigrants, Matinides received his first camera when he was a young boy from his father’s camera shop. He had a fascination with photographing traffic accidents. At age 9 he was visiting morgues and police stations, snapping disembodied heads and twisted wrecks, and soon was receiving regular byline credits on the front page of newspapers. Now, this softly spoken, besuited grandfather is a man who turned his childhood fascination with photographing accidents and murders into a career spanning more than half a century. Matinides's demeanour gives any indication of the horrors that he has witnessed. Though the images that he has captured are graphically detailed, there is no sign that this has infected his soul. Rather than establishing an emotional detachment from his subject matter, he is able to bring out the intimacy and the humanity, even in images of death and despair. With a Film Noir invoking soundtrack and tone, The Man Who Saw Too Much, by telling the story of Matinides, shows us, his city and his profession, and the moral conflicts that define both. Haunting, fascinating, profound.
Original Title
El hombre que vio demasiado
Enrique Metinides
Dan Gilroy
Pedro Meyer
Trisha Ziff
Trisha Ziff
Felipe Perez Burchard
Alan Suarez
Trisha Ziff
Executive Producer(s)
Albert Berger
Kevin Iwashina
Ron Yerka
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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