The Otherworld

Directed by: Richard Stanley
France | 88 minutes

A spellbinding documentary on places where people believe we can come close to touching the magical ‘other world’.

Lying in an area etched with a complex mystical and spiritual history, Montsegur, Rennes-Le-Chateau and Bugarach are believed to contain gateways between our world and the realm of the supernatural. Stanley Richards is convinced of the mythical properties that these medieval settlements contain and this documentary is his attempt to explain the occult secrets that this province is infamous for. Through multiple interviews from sorcerers, physicians and other such inhabitants of the region, we are invited to ‘the border on the Otherland’, where we will learn of a ‘twice lived piece of time’ and will better understand why some of those who still live there believe in the currency of magic.

Shot by acclaimed cinematographer/filmmaker Karim Hussain and scored by BAFTA nominated Simon Boswell, this documentary will arrest your senses in a spellbinding fashion from beginning to end and will intrigue as well as unsettle you.

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Xanthe Patterson

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Richard Stanley
Richard Stanley
Scarlett Amaris
Fabrice Lambot,Jean-Pierre Putters,Caroline Piras
Karim Hussain
Richard Stanley
Scarlett Amaris
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