The Poet of Havana

Directed by: Ron Chapman
100 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 3
Sat 3rd Oct 14:50
Premiere Screening

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‘The Poet of Havana’ celebrates the life and music of Carlos Varela, one of the most influential and well-loved singers in Cuba, as he celebrates his 30th anniversary with a massive concert. Throughout his career his lyrics have been known to be subversive, voicing the frustrations of the Cuban youth and dissatisfaction with the communist government. Influenced by his country, Varela uses his music to affect change and support individual freedoms, as well as to build bridges between Cuba and the rest of the world. Filmed mostly in Havana, with exclusive footage of the singer through interviews and backstage access, the film conveys his cultural and social significance in Cuban society. At his 30-year anniversary concert, Valera is joined on-stage by other south American music legends such as Diana Fuentes, Eduardo Cabra, Jackson Browne and Juan Formal amongst others, who all are effusive in their praise for the musician. ‘The Poet of Havana’ interweaves striking shots of Havana with archive footage of Varela as a child and his first concerts the 80s. Director Ron Chapman has gathered an impressive set of contributors providing an in depth portrayal of the artist and what makes him tick.
100 min
Ron Chapman
Ron Chapman
Ron Chapman
Jack Lenz
Carlos Iglesias
Mark Staunton
Mark Staunton
Luis Alberto
Banicio Del Toro
Jackson Browne
Ron Chapman
Screening Status
European Premiere
Strands: Features RSO