The Ultimate Accessory

Directed by: Valerie Lemercier
France | 98 minutes

A fashionable couple adopt a little boy as their latest accessory, despite being completely unprepared for the rigors of parenthood.

Alex and her husband Cyrille aspire to be paragons of high society. Despite well-paying jobs, a gorgeous house and all the accessories of a modern power couple – beautiful clothes, friends and lovers – there’s something missing. ‘The Ultimate Accessory’, an irresistibly cute child. Having sped through the adoption process, they find themselves with a brand new 7-year-old Russian boy, Aleksei, who doesn’t speak a word of French and has a penchant for causing mischief. As the trappings of parenthood – a messy house, sleepless nights, embarrassing social situations – begin to become incompatible with the couple’s comfortable lives, it begins to seem that they may have made a disastrous decision in choosing to become parents.

‘The Ultimate Accessory’ features a brilliantly comic script by Valérie Lemercier, who’s also the film’s director and leading actress. The comedy is broad, from the joyful absurdity of Aleksei’s mischief to more nuanced pokes at the magazine industry, rich people and social services. The cast are brilliant, constantly funny and finely-tuned in their performances, led from the helm by Valérie Lemercier and Gilles Lellouche who are especially strong as the leading couple.

Orestes Kouzof

Valerie Lemercier
Edouard Weil
Denis Lenoir
Valérie Lemercier
Gilles Lellouche
Samatin Pendev
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